How Mystery Puzzler Works

How Mystery Puzzler Works

Once you have someone in mind who you would like to send a gift to, get started designing a custom double-sided puzzle!

Use our straightforward website to create a puzzle with your desired image on the front, and a personalized message on the back.

Once your design is finished, designate the recipient of your mystery present.

The recipient will receive their puzzle completely scrambled in a nice shipping box.

Included with each puzzle will be a note stating they have received a mystery gift from a loved one, along with instructions to assemble the puzzle and figure out who the present is from!

How the website works





S t e p 1

Click Start Designing  or Fast Pass to start 




S t e p 2

Upload an image for the front of the puzzle. Choose a horizontal or vertical layout.  IMAGE TERMS AND CONDITIONS




S t e p 3

For the back of the puzzle select your background color and then write a personalized message for the recipient.


S t e p 4

Enter the name and address of the gift recipient.




S t e p 5

Approve the picture and message layout.


S t e p 6

Submit the order.




S t e p 7

You will get a confirmation email of your order and when the puzzle is shipped.

S t e p 8

enjoy and smile and keep the world smiling one puzzle at a time 



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